Legends of Honor


Use the best strategy to conquer this medieval world


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Legends of Honor is a medieval game where you play the lord of a feudal castle ravaged by war. At a time when different battles have left the entire known world in ruins, you have to recover quickly if you want to defend your kingdom from your neighbors' attacks.

The gameplay is pretty simple, and a tutorial guides you through the beginning of the game so you can start developing your strategy right away. You begin with a few resources to invest in buildings that let you extract more resources and gain some stability. Nonetheless, if you can't develop a strategy to extract more resources, you have to create an army to sack your enemies and get what you need.

Apart from planning your strategy, you can make alliances to help you move forward in your conquest by joining forces with other kingdoms. Developing your own strategy implies going into the woods, hills, and plains to take full advantage of them and adapt your strategy to your needs.
By Álvaro Toledo